The Bushwackers Present…

The 2015 Bushwackers Drum & Bugle Corps is proud to present:


Modern society has been relentless in reinventing ourselves. We call it progress, and the hands and minds that create modern society call it a way of life. The advances of steam power, mass production, metallurgy, and new methods of propulsion all stem from a place and time that perpetuated a simpler, more blue-collar way of life: The Factory.

Join the Bushwackers as we journey through a day on the factory floor, paying tribute to the achievements of so many great minds, machines, and ideas.  As the workers report for their shift, the whistle blows and the field is transformed into a factory floor.  Listen for the synchronized machines, fast-moving gears, and rolling conveyor belts as we explore the inner workings and innovations of a steam-powered factory.  The visual design then takes you on a wild ride, exploring different methods of construction and propulsion, iconic with the notion of mass production. As the day pushes on, we slow down and reflect on the progress that has been made as a society. Hand-in-hand, we work as a team to create the only thing that drives us forward: progress. As the closing whistle nears, the workers stand united and proud in a powerful front as they have literally changed the world with only their blood, sweat, and tears.

Musical selections include original Robert W. Smith / Ralph Hardimon compositions Industrial (r)Evolution, The Factory, and Wild Ride, followed by Charles Young’s Tempered Steel, and then an emotionally charged finale featuring Enigma Variations: Nimrod by Edward Elgar.

Strap in and enjoy the ride this summer as the 2015 Bushwackers Drum Corps bring to life “Industrial (r)Evolution.”

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