The Bushwackers announce their 2016 production: Piano Forte

For the 35th anniversary season of the Bushwackers Drum & Bugle Corps from Princeton, New Jersey, the corps is thrilled to announce its 2016 production, Piano Forte.


The 2016 production will be a celebration of some of the world’s most famous and beloved musical pieces featuring the sound of the piano throughout history. Piano Forte will explore the gamut of musical moods and expressions, spanning classical to contemporary.

The inspiration for the show comes from the pervasive tradition of the Bushwackers Drum & Bugle Corps. The corps’ piano-key uniform design element informs the musical variety and visual imagery planned for the coming year’s production.

The music will be creatively woven throughout a visual presentation that stems from the contrast in the appearance of the keys on a piano. The concept of “light versus dark” will play a strong role in the visual programming.

Our beloved fans will be excited by the musical selection, which will include stirring, evocative, and exciting music for which the sound of the piano plays the strongest role. The primary musical selections forming the composition will contain elements of Piano Concerto #1 by Keith Emerson (of Emerson Lake and Palmer fame), works by French Impressionist composer Claude Debussy, and popular pieces by Grammy Award-winning musical artist Billy Joel.

The 35th anniversary show presented by the Bushwackers this competitive season will be an exciting, emotional experience for the audience. The production will give our members an opportunity to push their performance to the limit.

Stay tuned to the Bushwackers in the coming months to hear more about Piano Forte, the corps’ 35th anniversary production.