Bushwackers Drum Corps to offer four scholarships

The Bushwackers Drum Corps is committed to its members who return to the corps year after year to help make the corps stronger. The corps grows with the talent and experience of its members. Thanks to the generosity of our alumni, we are able to ease the financial burden of membership.

The James and Amy Borowicz Scholarship

James and Amy Borowicz are long-time supporters of the Bushwackers Drum and Bugle Corps. This past summer, James, Amy and their daughter Cassidy followed the corps to many shows including championship weekend in Rochester, New York.

They were impressed by the hard work and dedication of the members and were thrilled to be part of the celebration of the success as the Bushwackers returned to its position as a DCA finalist.

The James and Amy Borowicz Scholarship is designed to help perpetuate the membership of the Bushwackers Corps by awarding a full year scholarship to up to four returning members.

The Borowiczes recognize the corps took a huge step forward last year and hope that gifts of full scholarships will not only encourage all of the members to return, but also encourage other alumni to contribute to keep the corps moving forward and to keep scholarships like these available for the future.

Thank you so much to James and Amy Borowicz for providing this amazing opportunity to four Bushwackers!

We are also in the midst of our holiday campaign, where contributions go to support needed improvements like instruments, uniforms, and other equipment. To help support the immediate needs of the corps, consider participating in our holiday campaign by giving a gift to the Bushwackers.

Returning members wishing to learn more about the James and Amy Borowicz scholarship can learn more and submit an application here. All brass, percussion, and color guard performers interested in learning more about the Bushwackers can sign up at joinbush.org.