Cymbal Tech: Sean McReady

Since joining the corps in 1996, Sean McReady has been a mainstay at the Bushwackers, being inducted into the Corps’ Hall of Fame in 2013. While primarily serving as the Cymbal Tech, marching and/or teaching plates for 13 of his 20 years, he also spent 6 seasons in the Bass Line, had stints on Tuba and in the Pit, and has worked as an administrator, member of the design team, Visual tech, and web/graphic designer for the corps.

Outside of the Bushwackers, Sean marched Cymbals and Flub Drums at the Crossmen in 1998, was a Visual Tech at the Lehigh Valley Knights in 2004, and played Bass Drum at West Chester University from 1996-1999. He also has been the Cymbal Tech at several award winning high school programs in Southeastern PA and New Jersey.

During the week, Sean is a Graphic Designer/Trial Developer, and plays drumset for McReadyRock and Shinigami Chop.

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