Announcing our 2017 Production…

The Bushwackers are thrilled to present their 2017 production,
Where We Belong.

All of us travel down the path of life to find that place where we truly belong. This journey is a theme that reappears through history, literature, and film; one perfect example is the story of The Wizard of Oz, known from both book and movie. Any passage through life is fraught with good times and bad times, light and darkness, but it’s often necessary to experience evil or despair to be able to persevere and discover where we belong.

The 2017 Bushwackers will follow the journey within and beyond Oz with musical themes from the film weaving its way through the production in unexpected moments. Early in the show we foreshadow the darkness in the path ahead with a hint of Radiohead’s Creep. After the introduction, the show forcefully opens with Orawa by Polish composer Wojciech Kilar, setting the mood for the introspective journey of character and movement. You might notice inclusion of a variety of other recognizable musical themes that complement the dark moments within life.

Continuing along the pathway of emotions, the production finds style and substance with Frank Ticheli’s composition, Blue Shades, which points us directly towards a full exploration of Creep. This movement is sure to be an instant drum & bugle corps classic. Creep takes the corps and the audience to the moment of revelation and discovery of Where We Belong.