It’s Time to…

Stock Up For Summer


The corps just finished a busy and rewarding Memorial Day weekend and we are in the home stretch to finally getting this “show on the road” for the 2017 season. We just have a few minutes left of drill to learn and in a few weeks the corps travels to the evaluation show in Wildwood, NJ to start the season.

It goes without saying it takes a lot to get all the pieces together and in the right places; The corps is larger this season and the staff & admin are running around in circles trying to dot the i’s and cross the t’s for our 2017 production “Where We Belong.”

You can help us make sure we are ready for the season ahead, we have guard uniforms, flags, drum heads & sticks to purchase in the coming weeks, not to mention feeding 3 square meals for the members everyday they are with the corps. This takes funding, lots of funding. Though everything has been budgeted for the 2017 season, it goes without saying any help you can give towards these purchases will go a long way.

Through your generous help last Spring the corps was able to purchase a second equipment trailer that saves us from renting a box truck all summer, a HUGE savings from our bottom line. We do not have a large purchase like the trailer this Spring, thankfully, but the incidental purchases like sticks, flags, etc quickly add up.

If you can help us help the members this Spring please take a moment and click on the donation link below and help us provide the tools needed for another fantastic experience for the new edition of our beloved corps, The Bushwackers!

If you’d rather not use a Credit Card, you can make your donation by sending a check to:

Bushwackers Drum & Bugle Corps
301 N. Harrison St. Suite 9F #388
Princeton, NJ 08540

We will make sure to thank you personally for all to see, and as always, your donation no matter how big or small is tax deductible.

Thank you for your continued support of the corps, we have some of the best and generous alumni and supporters in the activity!