Color Guard Instructor: Daniel Krasner

Choreographer and Instructor: Daniel Krasner

Daniel joined the Bushwackers color guard staff during 2016, a pivotal season for the corps. Two summers later and now hundreds of miles away in the Atlanta Metro Area, Daniel is grateful to continue to be a part of the Bushwackers staff for the 2018 season!

Now 24, Daniel has retired twice from performing after first being introduced to the activity ten years ago. He returns to the activity so he can remind himself what it’s like to be a marching member, discover new ways of thinking about teaching and continue to grow so he can better educate and inspire the next generation of performers.

Daniel’s marching history includes the DCI World Class Finalist Madison Scouts (2013), DCI World Class Finalist The Cadets (2014-2015), Blessed Sacrament (2014), WGI World Class Finalist Alter Ego (2017) and Paramount (2018). Currently, he teaches at Sequoyah High School in Canton, Georgia. He has also worked with Shepherd Hill Regional High School in Dudley, Massachusetts and his alma-mater Urbana High School in Ijamsville, Maryland.

Ultimately, Daniel believes a great instructor can look in the mirror and clean his/her own house first. He can’t wait to see what year three with the Bushwackers has in store!

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