Color Guard Caption Lead: Lance Boggs

Lance started the performing arts while dancing in a studio named Chico Creek Dance, located in California. He continued to dance throughout his high school years, with a focus on hip hop and lyrical. Additionally, Lance participated in cheerleading during his school career. He was introduced to color guard by supporting a friend as a spectator and he fell in love with the activity. After high school Lance moved to Seattle, Washington. While there, marched with Rhapsody Winter Guard under the direction of Jimmy Fursmen, who Lance credits for teaching him how to run and teach a color guard.

Lance began teaching North Kitsap HS Guard for 4 years until he made his most recent move for the love of his life.

Lance now resides in New Jersey and marches Black Watch (2014-2018). He also has experience helping out color guard in the area. Lance has been involved in this performing arts since 2003 and does not think he will ever stop! He is thrilled to continue his journey with The Bushwackers!

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