Alumni Scholarship Fund

Alumni Scholarship Fund

Photo: Raymond Fudge

Participating in a competitive drum and bugle corps like the Bushwackers requires a major commitment — a commitment of time, energy, and even finances. At the Bushwackers, we keep the price of tuition for members as low as possible.

The budgeted cost of operating the Bushwackers from November through September is over $2,000 per member, but we ask our members to cover only a small percentage of that cost. The remainder of the budget is covered through fundraising, equipment rentals, performance fees, and other opportunities.

Although we strive to keep the financial burden low for our members, it can often be difficult for members to cover their entire fee for a variety of reasons that are often very personal. Many Bushwackers in this position have established networks of family and friends who can help cover at least part of their tuition, but in many cases they are still unable to cover the entire tuition fee, leaving a significant shortfall for the operations of the corps.

We have established an Alumni Scholarship Fund, so Bushwackers from throughout the corps’ 35-year history can do more to ensure the corps continues to operate for another 35 years and beyond. The Scholarship Fund will be directed towards filling the tuition gap and will ease the burden of our members, many of whom are young and may not be established in their careers. Eventually, we hope the Scholarship Fund will be self-sustaining, and will continue to assist members who might not otherwise be able to march for years to come.

To support the Alumni Scholarship Fund, you may offer a contribution to support a member in general, or you may read the cases for support below to help a specific Bushwacker with financial need. The members below have completed an application for financial hardship support. To protect their identity and personal information, we’re not including their names.

Support Bushwackers in need, or scroll down to read about specific members.

Scholarship A

Member A is a Bushwackers vet, playing in the percussion battery for the 2016 season. “Being a Bushwacker means being part of a new family. I am here to make my playing and marching abilities stronger, so I am ready for DCI auditions in the fall. DCI has always been a dream of mine, and Bush is helping me get there.”

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Scholarship B

Member B is a first-year Bushwacker in the color guard. “Towards the end of last season, I met a friend in the guard who showed me this wonderful activity. I built up enough courage and came to the Open House in November. I fell in love with the members’ and staff’s drive for success. I continue to stay because of all the moral support I get from everyone when I feel like I’m not good enough. This drum corps has been one of the most mentally challenging things for me. I love the atmosphere and the warm greetings I get from everyone and also the passion from every single staff member. It makes me wish I could afford everything. I want to be able to make the staff proud even if it takes me till finals. I want to be perfect enough to put a smile on their faces.”

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Member C

Member C is a second-year Bushwacker in the color guard. “From marching last season, Bush has become everything to me. Bush is my second family. All of my friends and family are at Bush. #magentaandblue #gobush #showhair #pianoforte”

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Member D

Member D is a second-year Bushwacker vet in the percussion section. “In 2015 I tried out for bass and didn’t make it. Something told me to come back and not give up. I returned and that’s where I felt like I belonged. Bush is my home and I can’t see myself being anywhere but here. My greatest and most enjoyable memories are all based upon Bush. I have the best tech in the world, the best section-mates, the best admin, staff, and other members.”

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