The Bushwackers are back on the path to glory. With a solid 7th place finish this past DCA season, the Corps is looking to continue our climb back into the top ranks of the Drum Corps activity. In order for us to achieve this goal, we are asking our alumni, fans, and supporters to help make this happen!

Truth is, we CANNOT do it without YOUR help!

We have over $15,000 in aging and unrepairable equipment to replace, as well as new horns to buy as we are aiming to hit our goal of 50-60 brass. We have to set the Corps up for success from the beginning…the TIME IS NOW!

You can help by joining the BUSHBACKERS, our elite support network. Since the inception of this resilient drum corps in 1981, the Corps has stood tried and true through all the ups and downs while winning 6 DCA Championships along the way. We need those with love and pride for our Corps to keep this awesome momentum going in 2015!

Your tax deductible donation will help educate, feed, equip, and move the Corps toward success as we prepare to defy the norm and resist the status-quo in the coming year. Secure the Bushwacker legacy for the members of the future to enjoy… be a BUSHBACKER.


Make a donation right now with PayPal!

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If you’d rather not use a Credit Card, you can make your donation by sending a check to:
Bushwackers Drum & Bugle Corps. 61 Bertrand Drive, Princeton, NJ

2015 promises to be a wonderful year for the corps. With your help we can realize the potential of the corps and keep the Bushwackers, OUR CORPS, competitive in DCA. Please donate today and thank you!

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