Executive Director: Jay Morlot


Jay Morlot joined the Bushwackers in 1982 as a mallet player. He marched in the corps, with the exception of one year (1985), and in 1988 he became director of the corps. Twenty years later he continued to hold that position.

Jay’s involvement with the Bushwackers spans three decades. As director, he has guided the corps to 5 DCA Championships including an undefeated season in 1993. He has earned the respect of his fellow directors and helped shape DCA over the years. Jay was an early proponent of the Class A portion of championship weekend and in getting shows outside the normal areas and into places like North Carolina.

While other corps have come and gone, he has steadfastly held the corps financially solvent for twenty years. Always involved and always proud of his corps, Jay has remained outside the creative process, allowing his show coordinators and creative designers room to create. That’s not to say he won’t jump in and put in his 2 cents when things aren’t going well, but he allows the people he hires to do what they do unencumbered.

A number of show coordinators and instructors, who got their first shot with the Bushwackers by being hired by Jay, have gone onto other corps bringing their Bushwacker experience with them. Not surprisingly, many have also come back to work with the corps and in this creative environment.

It is hard to come by someone who cares and loves this corps as much as Jay. Through good times and bad times, he has always guided the Bushwackers with solid reserve and passion. For all of this and more, we are excited to welcom Jay back as Co-Executive Director.


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