Alex Nielsen

alex Alex joined the Bushwackers in 1992 as a bass drum player and, with the exception of one year, was a member in the bass or snare line for 15 years, 1992 and 1994-07. In 2007 he was also on the percussion staff as an instructor.

Over those 15 years, in the peaks and valleys of the corps, Alex could always be counted on to march and be a stable leveling force within the drum line and corps. Always easy going, Alex was a calming influence over the years to members in and out of the drumline.

In addition to his skills as a drummer and instructor, Alex lent his computer skills to the corps as an administrator of the first Bushwackers website. This enabled the corps, like other DCA or DCI corps, to feature schedules, notices, music, drill and other important facets of the corps, and run a more organized organization.

Years have passed and this type of technology may seem old, but years ago this was a vital instrument for recruiting and maintaining membership. Without Alex’s talent and patience the Bushwackers would have been technologically left behind. Due to his help the way the corps is run, is due in part, to his work on the website.

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