Brian Law

Brian joined the Bushwackers in 1991 and began to compile a long list of titles. Baritone player, visual tech, brass tech, drum major, drill writer, drill writer for the end of shows, truck driver, equipment manager, member of the administration as a trustee and vice president of the corps. His years with the Bushwackers include 1991 through the beginning of 2011.

Always with a smile and a positive attitude, Brian made being a Bushwacker easy to those around him. He could march a season, or teach a season, or jump in the hornline at different parts of the season. To him it did not matter. What mattered was the Bushwackers.

His impact on the many young members who he has inspired has left its mark on the corps. Welcoming, supportive and helpful are words used to describe Brian. He was always around to step up and help in some way. He always seemed positive. He would make practice a positive atmosphere and continue to tell the corps to work hard. He never gives up and always was helping in some way.

An outstanding baritone player who left his mark on the DCA I&E competition, he was also adept at playing in the line with the low brass. Having Brian in the baritone line, you knew that line would be exceptional.

Through the good and lean years with the corps, Brian was always there to lend a helping hand and positive outlook. For that we are all grateful and welcome him into the Bushwacker Hall of Fame.

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