Denis Tremblay

Please welcome Denis Tremblay to the Bushwackers Hall of Fame.

Prior to marching with the Bushwackers, Denis began his marching and music career from 1961-1967 with the La Clique Alouette junior corps. After a hiatus, he returned to marching with the La Clique Alouette senior corps from 1976-1981. Denis continued with Les Cascadeurs senior corps from 1984-1988, and this would mark the end of his Canadian marching days.

Denis joined the Bushwackers in 1989 where he overcame a language barrier and an intense travel schedule to make rehearsals and performances. Denis marched with distinction during his time with the corps. He was a solid player and marcher who knew his role and did his job every day.

Even on the hottest days, he could make you laugh with his quick wit and humor with a French Canadian accent. He was a member of 4 of the 6 DCA World Championship years (1989, 90, 92, 93), and can still be seen at DCA finals nearly every year wearing his aussie and screaming “Go Bush!”

Professionally, Denis worked for 40 years as a project manager for the engineering department of the City Hall of Quebec. He retired in 2010 and took a job with the Roche Consulting Group, where he retired in 2015. Now he freelances as a consultant in the area of civil engineering. Personally, he’s been married to his lovely bride, Diane Laroche Tremblay for 42 years.

Please help me welcome Denis Tremblay, Class of 2014, to the Bushwackers Hall of Fame.

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