Dennis Argul

Dennis Argul walked into a spring rehearsal of the Bushwackers in 1982 and changed the Bushwackers forever. His involvement with the corps would eventually span three decades, but his personality and talent as a musician and arranger went beyond his membership in the corps.

From that first rehearsal Dennis’ humor, talent and commitment to excellence made an impression on not only a young hornline, but on the entire corps. It was hard not to be in a good mood around Dennis. He was exactly what a first year corps needed to get onto the field with the hope of making finals. His experiences in the Bridgemen, and competing in DCI, gave us someone to lean during adversities.

He was one of the best baritone players in the history of the corps. He was a baritone soloist in 1982 and played contra bass in 1983. From 1986-87 and 1992-95 Dennis was on the brass staff. And, by his own admission, from 1996-2003 his duties included: brass arranger, brass caption head, show coordinator, staff coordinator, marched baritone, contra bass and soprano, sewed uniforms and drove the truck. From 2005-06 Dennis returned as the brass arranger for the corps.

His influence on corps members has been significant. Whether a brass player was a veteran, or was playing again after years of inactivity, or someone was taking up a horn for the first time, Dennis had the patience and provided encouragement brass players needed. He was, and continues to be, a teacher which the Bushwackers will always be grateful for.

It has been noted, in the early years of the Bushwackers, a select few have made significant contributions, not only in joining a new corps, but giving legitimacy to the Bushwackers in the drum corps world. Dennis was one of those select few.

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