Diane Leahey Sadowski

diane-leahey-sadowski When Diane joined the corps in 1983, she brought with her the tenacity and experience of being a member of the St. Andrew’s Bridgemen. Having someone like her in the color guard, at this early stage of the corps, gave legitimacy to our color guard program. This helped recruitment and foster ties to the Bridgemen that were already developing in the drumline and hornline.

Diane was a talented member of the color guard and upon becoming guard captain in 1984, she was as tough on herself as she was with the guard. While the color guard was good in 1982 and 1983, in 1984 the Bushwackers color guard became a recognized force in the DCA circuit. As the guard’s leader on the field during rehearsals, parades and retreats, she expected nothing less than class and professionalism from herself and all members of the guard. The color guard won many guard captions in 1984 and finished in the top 3 at finals. In 1986 she was our color guard captain at our first championship. In addition to being a dedicated marching member, Diane was also a member of the corps administration.

In 1988, the company that Diane was working for promoted her to a job that would include working weekends. But her marching career with the Bushwackers did not end. Diane became the unofficial photographer for the corps. She took many pictures of the corps’ performances and rehearsals; and her photos were used for the Bush Ball videos many times. She continues to support the corps at shows and on the Bush Boards getting alumni involved again with the corps. Diane is a constant supporter who is proud of the organization she has helped create. She continues to contribute her time to the corps and Bushwackers Hall of Fame.

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