Frank Nash

By the time Frank Nash joined the Bushwackers, he was already a highly respected drum corps veteran. Frank had marched junior corps as a snare drummer in the Brassmen and senior corps with the Skyliners. He joined the Bushwackers in 1985 and stayed until the end of the 1993 season. In 1989 he was also on the percussion staff and was percussion member of the year.

Frank led by example. He was as intense in rehearsals as he was in performances. The percussion line began a long string of top three finishes beginning in 1984 and Frank was in the middle of that run.

The high standards of the percussion line raised the standards of the horn line and color guard. The engine that ran the Bushwacker machine from 1984 to 1994 (6 championships) was the drum line.

Frank is the type of member you want in your corps. He had the experience of winning DCA in 1975 with the Skyliners, and in 1986 he was probably the only member in the Bushwackers who had won in DCA. In his DCA career, Frank went on to win 9 DCA Championships including 6 with the Bushwackers, 1 with the Skyliners, 1 with the Caballeros and 1 with the Brigadiers.

Frank meant a lot to this corps. He was the experienced man who made an impact on many young drummers and young members of the corps. Frank was our one and only DCA veteran who made sure we knew how to conduct ourselves in rehearsal and in performance. His opinions were valued by everyone.

Looking back we can truly appreciate his influence on the Bushwackers. He is one of a handful of members who helped take this corps in the right direction early in our history. And now, we can repay him by inducting Frank into the Bushwackers Hall of Fame.

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