Howie Pinoos

Few members of the early Bushwackers were as reliable and respected by their peers as Howard Pinoos. Howie was present at the organizational meeting of the Bushwackers in December 1980 and marched in the hornline up until 1989. Throughout his years in the corps, no one could question his loyalty and dedication to the Bushwackers.

He was a baritone player who unselfishly moved into the contra line 1-2 weeks before our first appearance in prelims in 1982. He went back to the baritone line in 1983 and was a fixture lead baritone, or on occasion contra bass, for the rest of his Bushwacker career.

During the course of the 1982 season he became involved in the corps administration and contributed large amounts of time and effort in that area until 1989. Howie was horn sergeant and a member of our first three championships. Besides being an original member and administrator, Howie also drove the corps truck, repaired the corps truck, customized the corps truck and loaded the corps truck. He was admired for his sense of humor, dedication to the corps and loyalty to his fellow members. It is difficult to determine the success of the early Bushwackers without his many contributions.

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