Jerome Kimbrough

For almost three decades, Alfonso Jerome Kimbrough (known by the drum corps community simply as “Jerome”) has been one of the most recognizable and well-known Bushwackers. In a drum corps that does not emphasize individuals or soloists, this is quite an accomplishment.

Jerome has played baritone in the hornline, or was drum major, from 1983-2006 and 2009. Even while marching junior corps with the
Bridgemen and the Garfield Cadets, Jerome found time to finish out the last 2 weeks of DCA with the Bushwackers.

People within the activity revere his musicianship, admire his modesty, enthusiasm, knowledge, empathy and his work ethic. He is well known for giving time, a place to sleep and rides for corps members. For years he was the lynch pin of the baritone section and over the course of his tenure with the corps he has entrenched himself into the very fiber of the Bushwackers. Even in years when Jerome’s health was a vital concern, he found ways to participate, even against doctor’s orders.

His passion, his talent and his desire to be the best have paved the way for many Bushwackers to aspire to great things on and off the field. He has had a positive influence on the lives of more than a few Bushwackers. Jerome’s contributions to the corps go beyond his solos and the years his has marched.

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