Jim Dugan

jim-dugan Jim began his tenure with the Bushwackers in 1983 as a quad tech after marching snare with the Bridgemen. He continued on as an instructor from 1983-95 & 2001, was drum major in 1984, marched snare in 1985, 1987 & 1991 and was percussion caption head from 1987-91. His skill as a drummer and his ability to teach led him to increasing responsibility in the instructional staff, from tech to caption head, culminating in being show co-coordinator from 1988-95 and show coordinator from 2002-07.

Know for his easy going manner, but ability to hype the corps, Jim became a recognizable face outside the corps and leader within the corps. He was part of the design team that brought Bush a large part of ourchampionships. His dedication and commitment to the corps during his tenure led directly to the success of the Bushwackers. From a percussion perspective and from a show perspective, he helped change senior drum corps.

Few people within the corps have risen as quickly and successfully as Jim. Jim’s personal impact on members of the entire corps, not just the percussion section, is a testament to his devotion to the corps. His accomplishments with the organization will always be remembered, while future generations of Bushwackers will attempt to follow in his path.

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