John Gough

john-gough John was an original member of the Bushwackers, attending the organizational meeting in Keyport NJ in December 1980. He marched in the parade corps in 1981 on mellophone in the horn line. He continued to play mellophone into the 1982 and 1983 seasons.

In 1982 John became involved in the administration of the corps, which he continued in until the end of the 1986 season. The early days of the corps administration involved a commitment of numerous meetings and projects, during the competitive season and in the off season. It was a huge task and amount of work to get Bushwackers organizationally sound so the field corps could survive.

In 1984 John concentrated his efforts in the corps administration and did not march. He did come back as an assistant drum major for the second half of the 1985 season and was drum major in 1986 when the corps won its first DCA Championship in Allentown.

Beginning in 1987, John stayed active in the corps behind the scenes helping out when he could during the season and off-season. He could be found helping load and unload the truck, bringing out pit equipment and serving in the honor guard when needed. John continues to help with the honor guard today and assist the corps when he can. Since the inception of the Bushwackers John has always been around the corps, in some capacity, to lend a hand.

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