John “Moon” Marino

Moon joined the Buswhackers in 1982, our first year of field competition. He was previously in the snare line of the Bridgemen when they were a DCI percussion powerhouse. Moon was at the center of that dynasty when he came over to the Bushwackers before his age eligibility passed.

It was beyond comprehension why a drummer with his talent would leave the current DCI percussion champion and go to a brand new corps. Any other DCA corps would have given a ransom to have Moon join their snare line, and yet he came directly to Bushwackers.

Moon brought a commitment to excellence and quality to the Bushwacker drum line. Under his example the drum line and the entire corps benefited. Always intense during rehearsals and performances, he was also a lot of fun, had a great sense of humor and an infectious smile. A man of a few words, including his ever famous quote “Word!” you knew he was dedicated to our corps.

Moon was a snare in the drum line in 1982, 1984 and 1985. With his leadership and talent, and the talent of others, the Bushwackers percussion section developed into the percussion section they all wanted it to be. Once that happened, the championship percussion streak began. It was a time of creative writing, talented members and unequaled dedication to excellence.

Like a select few from the early years, Moon provided legitimacy to a struggling new corps. His presence was important to the corps, but so was his personality. He left us too soon but he will always be remembered by people that marched with him.

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