Laurie Kunzle

laurie-kunzle Laurie joined the Bushwackers in 1986 after seeing the corps perform in a parade. She spoke to some members after the parade ended and followed the corps back to the Tri-Chem rehearsal field in Harrison. Incredibly she learned the drill and almost took the field at our first show the following day. We should have known better when she told us she had played mellophone for the 1985 DCI Champion Garfield Cadets. This was only the start for her and the Bushwackers.

She played mellophone during the 1986 season when we won our first DCA Championship. Laurie followed that up with becoming drum major in 1987 and conducting the corps to three straight championships in 1988, 1989 and 1990. She was arguably the first female DCA drum major to be truly considered a conductor, based on her bachelor’s degree in Music Education from West Chester University and a Master’s degree in Composition form Montclair State University. After the 1990 season Laurie spent the summer of 1991 in England teaching and writing drum corps. Then in 1992 she returned the Bushwackers on the brass staff, was brass caption head from 1993-95 and arranged for the corps in 1995.

But aside from her musical talent, Laurie brought a sense of professionalism, style and class to our organization, along with her pleasant disposition and friendliness. She was a wonderful ambassador to represent our corps.

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