Laurie Nielsen-Hall

Laurie joined the Buswhackers in 1985 as a mellophone player. In her second year of competition with the Bushwackers, Laurie was in the mellophone line, next to future drum major and HOF recipient Laurie Kunzle. As she continued her membership in the corps in years to come she would also march parts of two season on contra bass.

In 1991 Laurie became drum major and led the corps on and off the field with her professional demeanor and attention to detail. At a time when most DCA drum majors were men, Laurie took to the podium and showed members and spectators alike, how to conduct. It was always fun seeing her step forward at retreat and accept the first place trophy among the other taller male drum majors.

Under her marching career, Laurie was on the field for all six DCA Championship, four in the hornline and two as drum major. She represented the corps at retreats with grace and professionalism, sometimes under difficult circumstances.

She also was a part of the administration of the corps, serving as Vice President. But beyond her participation on the field, Laurie had the perfect demeanor off the field with the corps. She demanded respect and got respect. She led by example and would not ask others to attempt a task she would not attempt herself.

Laurie’s marching career would span from 1985 to 1997 and cover a golden age in the Bushwackers history. Besides being a part of it, she was responsible for a good deal of it. And, for that reason, Laurie is now inducted into the Bushwackers Hall of Fame.

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