Mary Snyder

mary-snyder Mary has marched in the color guard and/or hornline from 1995-present, with the exception of 2000. Her contributions have been appreciated, but she really shines in administrative support. You could take all day to make a list of the things Mary does for our corps and you’d probably miss many items.

From getting the corps on the field, to feeding them at winter rehearsals, to organizing donations, to keeping the alumni informed, to soliciting help from moms and dads, you’re not even half way there. There’s sewing, plumes, maintenance of uniforms, gloves, hats, American flags, garbage bags, ice (lots of ice), water (lots of water) and knowing everyone on staff and in the corps.

If you’re in the horn line, you don’t necessarily know where the drum line is before a show. Mary does. And she knows where the color guard and horn line are as well. Want to know when the corps is due at the truck and the gate and on the field? Ask Mary.

Mary is on the Bush Ball Committee, Bush HOF Committee and the Administrative Staff.

Simply put, all drum corps need people like Mary in order to survive. Every drum corps needs a Mary and God help the drum corps that doesn’t. We don’t even want to think where we would be without her.

For her countless hours of dedication to our corps, we honor Mary as an inaugural inductee to the Bushwackers Hall of Fame.

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