Mike Olszewski

Mike Olszewski was the man responsible for coordinating the organizational meeting in Keyport NJ in December of 1980.

Mike was the founder of our corps, he was our first director and his dream was to create a senior corps in his home town of Keyport NJ. Mike was involved in naming the corps, hiring the staff, purchasing our first set of horns and drums. He recruited for the corps, designed our uniforms obtained rehearsal sites like the Keyport American Legion and on occasion fed the staff & corps out of his own money. When it obvious the corps needed to move from his home town of Keyport up to Harrison for recruiting purposes, Mike was smart enough to know this was the right thing to do, even though it broke his heart.

The corps mission statement on Quality was written by Mike. He was there at our first rehearsal, our first parade, our first indoor performance, our first field performance and our first championship.

Mike’s dream was the Bushwackers. His dream is our reality. Therefore, it is only appropriate that the first person inducted into the Bushwacker HOF is our founder, Mike Olszewski.

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