Robert “Pugsley” McCarthy

robert-pugsley-mccarthy Bob joined the corps in 1981 and immediately put his mark on the drumline. His junior corps experience with the Bridgemen, along with his sense of humor, made him a favorite member of the corps. While he was fun to be around, Bob was extremely intense in his devotion to a high level of excellence in the drumline. He set the example in rehearsal and in competition. Bob is one of a few members who, in the early years of the corps, gave credibility to the Bushwackers.

Bob was the heart and soul of the Bushwackers drumline. He did it all for thirteen years up until 1993. Anchoring the snare line, writing and instructing, recruiting friends and competitors past and present to sign on to the Bush phenomenon and urging it all forward with his unique brand of humor and enthusiasm. His relentless drive and unfailing spirit helped set the standard for which Bush is known today.

Those of us whom Bobby touched during his tenure at Bush have laughed more than a few times in recalling his frequent amusing antics. But more importantly, we all recognize that his ability and his deep sense of commitment to the corps make him a major figure in the Bush legacy. He, along with others in the percussion section, made a musical impact not only within the corps, but within DCA for years to come.

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