Roy Chambers

roy-chambers Roy was a member in our first field corps in 1982 in the mellophone line. His junior corps experience in Royal Brigade provided the Bushwackers with a talented horn player and marcher, but that was just a hint of his talents.

Roy marched in the hornline for six years from 1982-86, taught and wrote drill for ten years from 1986-95 and was co-coordinator for six years from 1990-95. His body of work over these years changed DCA. Besides being an invaluable part of our organization, Roy was, and continues to be, one of the nicest and most modest people in drum corps and we are proud to have him in our family.

Roy’s dedication, patience, creativity, passion and artistic individuality not only as a marching member, but as a drill designer and show coordinator, was inspiring. Roy played an integral role in giving the Bushwackers their unique identity and was committed to always maintaining its motto of excellence, quality and dedication to innovation. He is a caring teacher and motivator in everything he does whether drum corps, color guard, marching band, theater or in his role as a high school art teacher. His membership in the Bushwackers was a direct cause of our success.

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