Scott Marshman


Scott was 14 when he joined the Bushwackers. His career with the corps spans three decades. He has marched or instructed from 1982-83, 1986, 1988, 1993-97 and 2003-2009. A reliable member of the corps, when we desperately needed reliable members.

As a staff member Scott’s writing is intelligent, creative and unwavering in the highest of content. Under his tutelage Bushwacker colorguards are competitive and daring on the field. They exude confidence and excellence. His colorguards have become synonymous with championship colorguards and off the field they are professional and congenial. This speaks volumes for Scott and his staff.

Scott is professional, prepared and knows what it takes to succeed. He is friendly, engaging and puts his staff in positions to be successful. The Bush guard is one of the finest in the activity and is widely regarded as being the most talented and well trained guards around. His impact on our corps has been tremendous.

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