Sean McReady

Sean joined the Bushwackers in 1996 in the cymbal line. He would be a mainstay in the Bushwackers percussion section for the next 15 years either in the cymbal line or bass line.

He began as a cymbal tech in 2000 and continued to play and instruct up until 2005. In 2005 he unselfishly went into the hornline and played tuba, earning the Hornline Member of the Year award.

By 2006 he was back with the percussion section playing and instructing the cymbal line up to 2010. In 2011, in another unselfish move, he and the rest of the cymbal line went into the bass line. Sean earned the 2011 Drumline Member of the Year award, making him the only Bushwacker in corps history to win both Member of the Year awards in the brass and percussion sections.

People who have influenced Sean include:
JR Bechtel – for bringing me up in the first place and then putting me on staff.
Charlie Dolar – teaching me first, making me realize cymbals could be cool.
Ed Marino & Dave DeMello – for inspiring confidence & attitude, the whole mindset of past great Bush lines.
Nick Angelis & Thom Hannum – for refining my cymbal technique.
Al & Genny Nielsen – for always being there when any of us needed them.
Rob Thatcher – for always going to bat for the cymbal line.
Mary Snyder – for being a huge supporter of the cymbal line.
Marie Kaminek – for having a lot of confidence that I’d be able to learn a new instrument and be successful in the hornline.

Sean has been known for doing anything he can for the Bushwackers from teaching drill to lining fields. He has been in the administration since 2011 providing professional printing services and website designs for the corps. In recent years Sean has been a person members of the corps look to for direction and responsibility. Sean exemplifies what a true Bushwacker really is and we proudly induct him into our Hall of Fame.

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