1992: Sweeney Todd


Much like the success of 1988 after the third-place finish in 1987, the Bushwackers came back with a vengeance in 1992. This time the corps turned to a darker side, performing music from “Sweeney Todd.” All sections of the corps were exceptional and the design and instruction were again top-notch. The hard work and stability in the structure paid off with Bush capturing its fifth world championship. More Info Coming Soon!

1992 1992-2 1992_0

Sweeney Todd: The Ballad of Sweeney Todd, My Friends, Worst Pies In London, History of the World, Epiphany, Nothing’s Gonna Harm You

Drum Majors: Laurie Nielsen (Hall) & Marie Kronyak (Downs)

PRELIMS: 1st – 96.9
FINALS: 1st – 96.7

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