1994: The Nightmare before Christmas

1994a 1994

The 1994 Bushwackers continued with the thematic Broadway musical style of the previous two seasons, but could not recapture the glory. Despite a talented corps and superb design, other corps had rebuilt and found ways to beat the Bushwackers.

The corps found itself in the less familiar role of chasing other corps, and in the end, Bush fell to third place. It seemed the time had come to find a new style and perhaps a new identity.

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Nightmare Before Christmas:
What’s This?, This is Halloween, Making Christmas, Kidnap the Sandy Claws, Sally’s Song, What’s This? Reprise

Drum Majors: Laurie Hall & Tom Willms

PRELIMS: 3rd – 92.9
FINALS: 3rd – 94.2

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