1998: Jekyll & Hyde

The winter of 1997-1998 was the most difficult in the corps’ history. Some long-time vets decided to take a season off following the push for 50 in 97, and many of the newer members decided to go spend some time in DCI while they were still eligible. At many rehearsals a grand total of five horns were present. The administration was faced with the difficult decision of whether or not to disband. The staff believed it would work out and, by the first show in June, a small but gutsy corps took the field.


The 1998 Bushwackers worked hard all summer, gaining both in size and score every weekend. At finals they finished a respectable 8th place, but that seemed almost inconsequential. In a season that almost wasn’t, the corps song was born, and a new sense of family engulfed the corps. With a new crop of members, the future looked bright for the Bushwackers.

Jekyll & Hyde:
This is the Moment, Façade, Murder Murder, Transformation, Alive, Take Me As I Am

Drum Majors: Jerome Kimbrough & Brian Law

PRELIMS: 8th – 83.8
FINALS: 8th – 85.2

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