2012: American Roots

The Bushwackers 2012 show – American Roots –was based on music that has become an iconic part of American culture.

Beginning with “Chester Overture,” Schuman’s take on the American Revolution anthem, the corps progressed to the next century with the folk ballad, “Shenandoah.” Moving forward again with Gould’s “Star-Spangled Overture,” the show came full circle with “American Faces” by David Holsinger. The juxtaposition of this complex piece with the folk melody “Simple Gifts” reminds us that the true character of American music is about breaking new ground and taking chances, regardless of when it was written.

More Coming Soon!

American Roots: Chester Overture, Shenandoah, Star-Spangled Overture, American Faces

Drum Major: Andrea Schloss and Magdalen Sheffield

PRELIMS: 11th – 80.20

Mike Rabinowitz (Snare): 2nd – 93.2
Eric Carr (Quads): 1st – 95.0
Eric Carr & Tristen Jenkins (Percussion Duet): 2nd – 88.0
Cymbal Ensemble: 1st – 89.0

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