2013: WE ARE

The Bushwackers Drum & Bugle Corps is proud to announce our 2013 production entitled “WE ARE.” This year’s production will capture the ethos and essence of the corps’ 30+ year existence. The show is broken up into 5 movements, each movement capturing a characteristic of Bush’s unique identity.


With our first ever win coming at Finals, the 6 time DCA Champion Bushwackers have always held that as the core of our identity. Paying tribute to paradigm shifting shows such as Sweeney Todd and Sunday in the Park with George as well as a nod towards earlier Bush selections La Suerte de Los Tontos and I’ll Be There, this introduction, arranged by Dennis Argul, celebrates our championship history, particularly the 20th anniversary of the undefeated 1993 season.


With every incarnation of a Drum Corps, there comes inherent challenges. We are proud that with every challenge and resolution comes a renewed spirit of resiliency. The Bushwackers have proven time and again that with every obstacle the organization has thrived to the best of its capabilities. Murray Gold’s music for the long running cult TV Show, DR. WHO, will capture our resilient nature with I Am the Doctor.


The melodic sequencing and reinterpretation of each phrase makes Some Nights (Intro) by FUN. the perfect vehicle to represent Bushwacker Defiance. Throughout our existence we have always made the decision to do things our way and to do so with a “No Holds Barred” attitude; with exuberance and moxy that has led to our successes and, sometimes, our failures. But whether we win or lose, we do so on our terms.


Bush Percussion has been a standard bearer of excellence in DCA. This year will be no different. When revisiting the successes of our Percussion section over the past 3 decades we recognized that it was always Out Of Box design leading to Out Of Box performances. We are excited to see how we can travel further from the box in this year’s production, based on Paul Simon’s Can’t Run But. How many more Bass Drums can one man hold? How many more cymbals can one drumline have? How many more beats can one ensemble play?


When it’s hard, when there is no tomorrow, and even when we are our own worst enemy, every Bushwacker wakes up and believes that the corps will succeed. Every Bushwacker rehearses with high expectations and wears the uniform with the idea of greatness present in their mind. Even in lean years the corps has believed that the future is bright. The lyrics to the Smashing Pumpkins’ Tonight Tonight – “Believe, Believe in me,” – like a Hindu Mantra will drive our program to a close with passion and a renewed sense that the future of this organization will be significant to all.

More Coming Soon!

WE ARE: I’ll Be There, Sweeney Todd, La Suerte de Los Tontos, Sunday in the Park with George, I am the Doctor, Some Nights (Intro), Can’t Run But, Tonight Tonight

Drum Major: Bonnie Harper and Geoff Harman

PRELIMS: 8th – 87.75
FINALS: 8th – 87.43

Cymbal Ensemble: 1st – 96.0

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