In Memory of…

This page is dedicated to all Bushwackers who have passed on. We wish to thank them for all they did for the corps and to let them know that they are not forgotten.

  • Rick Ables, Brass
  • Pamela Antosh, Color Guard
  • Chris “Doozel” Bechtel, Percussion

  • Tim Bell, Administration
  • Gene Bennett Jr., Visual Staff
  • Laryssa Blatterman, Color Guard
  • John Brown, Volunteer
  • Jesse Chew, Percussion
  • Mike “Doc” Doklia, Percussion
  • Jim Dolar, Percussion
  • Roger Frantzman, Administration
  • Eddie Hayes, Brass
  • Jerome Kimbrough, Brass
  • Corey Langan, Colorguard, Asst DM
  • John “Moon” Marino, Percussion
  • Joe “Puppet” Natale, Brass
  • Gary Oberanowicz, Brass
  • Vincent Perez, Brass
  • Dave Pinoos, Percussion
  • Hughie Stinsman, Brass
  • Anthony “Tootie” Territola, Percussion
  • Mike Tomzak, Brass
  • Scott Yuppa, Percussion

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