Announcing the recipients of the James and Amy Borowicz Scholarship!

Thanks to the generosity of long-time Bushwackers supporters, the Bushwackers Drum Corps is pleased to announce the recipients of the James and Amy Borowicz Scholarship!

Last summer James, Amy and their daughter Cassidy followed the corps to many shows including flying to championship weekend in Rochester, New York. They were very impressed by the hard work and dedication of the members and were thrilled to be part of the celebration of the success as the Bushwackers returned to be a 2016 finalist in DCA.

The James and Amy Borowicz Scholarship is designed to help perpetuate the membership of the Bushwackers Drum and Bugle Corps by awarding a full year scholarship to up to four returning members.

We are excited to now introduce all four recipients of the James and Amy Borowicz Scholarship.

Front Ensemble: Mike O’Leary.

Mike O’Leary is in his third season with the Bushwackers, and is one of our front ensemble section leaders this year.

“Being a Bushwacker has really impacted my life and changed me as a person forever. I learned many lessons over the course of the last two seasons. The biggest lesson I learned is to never hold anything back.”

“So, What does being a Bushwacker mean? It means a willingness to achieve the feeling that we all strive to feel in the activity that has brought us together. The same feeling we feel when we play a loud chord, or when the snare roll that we’ve been working on all summer long is clean, or when we sing the corps song. The Bushwackers are my family.”

Battery: Michelle Sapp.

Michelle Sapp is in her third season with the Bushwackers, and is our section leader for the cymbals.

“Being a Bushwacker means you persevere through anything thrown your way, you push and give it your 110% best every rep, you take that field with the intentions of ruining summers, and last but not least, you’re there to have The Perfect Year with some of the greatest people you’ll ever meet in a lifetime.”

“I started here in 2015 with no experience whatsoever with outdoor. I was terrified, scared, and ready to quit. If it weren’t for the people around me I don’t know how I would have been able to push through. The endless support and help was astonishing. I’ve never seen a group like this, and boy am I so grateful to be apart of this. Magenta and Blue is in my blood and I couldn’t be any prouder to be a part of this special place.”

Brass: Mark Jenkins.

Mark Jenkins just began his second season with the Bushwackers, playing tuba this summer.

“Being a Bushwacker means dedication and strength. Dedication to the corps… and doing things like making a several hour drive to New Jersey every weekend to get better.”

“Strength to not only hold an instrument, move a prop, etc. but mental strength to know that I can stay set, I can learn the drill and music… and that I have the strength to help this corps.”

Color Guard: Nyera Hamid.

Nyera Hamid is in her second year with the Bushwackers as a member of the color guard.

“What being a Bushwackers means to me is being able to pursue your wildest dreams; it means to find your roots, and internalize your growth… [At first] I had no faith in myself in and out of guard… I pushed myself to come out to open house in 2015, because I felt the pride and courage to be a Bushwacker from former and present members.”

“I continued through the pain and emotional distress that I was feeling from the past year. At last, I persisted and made it to finals… I thank [my mother] for letting me continue, because being a Bushwacker has helped me grow and utilize my internal locus of control. Being a Bushwacker brought out the confidence I never knew I could ever harness.”

Congratulations to the recipients, and thank you to our supporters, James, Amy, and Cassidy Borowicz, without whom some of our members might not be able to participate this summer.

Summer Send Off 2017

Alumni, Friends, & Family are invited to come get a sneak preview
of our 2017 Production “Where We Belong…Continue reading “Summer Send Off 2017” »

It’s Time to…

Stock Up For Summer


The corps just finished a busy and rewarding Memorial Day weekend and we are in the home stretch to finally getting this “show on the road” for the 2017 season. We just have a few minutes left of drill to learn and in a few weeks the corps travels to the evaluation show in Wildwood, NJ to start the season.

It goes without saying it takes a lot to get all the pieces together and in the right places; The corps is larger this season and the staff & admin are running around in circles trying to dot the i’s and cross the t’s for our 2017 production “Where We Belong.”

You can help us make sure we are ready for the season ahead, we have guard uniforms, flags, drum heads & sticks to purchase in the coming weeks, not to mention feeding 3 square meals for the members everyday they are with the corps. This takes funding, lots of funding. Though everything has been budgeted for the 2017 season, it goes without saying any help you can give towards these purchases will go a long way.

Through your generous help last Spring the corps was able to purchase a second equipment trailer that saves us from renting a box truck all summer, a HUGE savings from our bottom line. We do not have a large purchase like the trailer this Spring, thankfully, but the incidental purchases like sticks, flags, etc quickly add up.

If you can help us help the members this Spring please take a moment and click on the donation link below and help us provide the tools needed for another fantastic experience for the new edition of our beloved corps, The Bushwackers!

If you’d rather not use a Credit Card, you can make your donation by sending a check to:

Bushwackers Drum & Bugle Corps
301 N. Harrison St. Suite 9F #388
Princeton, NJ 08540

We will make sure to thank you personally for all to see, and as always, your donation no matter how big or small is tax deductible.

Thank you for your continued support of the corps, we have some of the best and generous alumni and supporters in the activity!


The Bushwackers Invitational Presents…

THE 2017


Saturday August 19th, 7:00 PM
Woodbridge High School, 1 Samuel Lupo Pl. Woodbridge, NJ

Featuring 5 of the area’s DCA Champion Corps and a VERY SPECIAL SURPRISE GUEST!

Corps in Competition:
Defending DCA Champion Cadets2
14x DCA Champion Reading Buccaneers
  9x DCA Champion Hawthorne Caballeros
  6x DCA Champion The Bushwackers
  3x DCA Champion Connecticut Hurricanes

Select Tickets:

Limited Seating, Buy your tickets now!

VIP Tickets get VIP Parking & Entrance, plus a Food Voucher and Gift Bag.

Band directors, for info on discounted group tickets, contact


In the heart of Rochester, the Radisson Riverside is just a few minutes stroll to the DCA headquarters and Friday night’s I&E / mini corps extravaganza. The Radisson is a great destination while taking in all the DCA events over Championship Weekend (September 1-4), close to the city’s fine restaurants and attractions, and only a few minutes’ drive from the stadium.

Sit back and let the Bushwackers take care of your reservation – no hassles, no worries, and we do all the work. Just show up and give them your name and you’re settled in for a fun filled weekend of drum corps, BUSHWACKER style.

The Bushwackers are offering this DCA Championship Weekend special to our alumni, family & friends. Book Friday-Sunday through the corps for only $139 per night, a 40% discount off the direct rate from the hotel! (Must book all 3 nights.)

To reserve your room at these special rates, a non-refundable deposit of $139 for the first night is required and the balance due by July 15, 2017. You can submit your deposit below:

Select Payment

Don’t be left trying to find a room at the last minute, book NOW and sit back and relax knowing we have taken care of everything.

*This weekend special Rate is ONLY being offered by the Bushwackers drum & bugle corps and is not in conjunction with the Radisson Rochester Riverside. You must book through the corps to get these low rates.

Introducing the BWCG17 Leadership

Lauryn Heller and the color guard instructional staff for the 2017 Bushwackers are excited to announce this year’s color guard captains! Each of these corps members goes above and beyond for the corps all throughout the year.

We’re pleased to introduce Jackie Swilley, Amber Lyn Rose, Lexi Mullen, and Rebecca Stollberger!

Be a part of this season’s exciting production and attend the next free spin clinic on Sunday, April 23! Info:

Announcing our 2017 Production…

The Bushwackers are thrilled to present their 2017 production,
Where We Belong.

All of us travel down the path of life to find that place where we truly belong. This journey is a theme that reappears through history, literature, and film; one perfect example is the story of The Wizard of Oz, known from both book and movie. Any passage through life is fraught with good times and bad times, light and darkness, but it’s often necessary to experience evil or despair to be able to persevere and discover where we belong.

The 2017 Bushwackers will follow the journey within and beyond Oz with musical themes from the film weaving its way through the production in unexpected moments. Early in the show we foreshadow the darkness in the path ahead with a hint of Radiohead’s Creep. After the introduction, the show forcefully opens with Orawa by Polish composer Wojciech Kilar, setting the mood for the introspective journey of character and movement. You might notice inclusion of a variety of other recognizable musical themes that complement the dark moments within life.

Continuing along the pathway of emotions, the production finds style and substance with Frank Ticheli’s composition, Blue Shades, which points us directly towards a full exploration of Creep. This movement is sure to be an instant drum & bugle corps classic. Creep takes the corps and the audience to the moment of revelation and discovery of Where We Belong.

Bushwackers Drum Corps to offer four scholarships

The Bushwackers Drum Corps is committed to its members who return to the corps year after year to help make the corps stronger. The corps grows with the talent and experience of its members. Thanks to the generosity of our alumni, we are able to ease the financial burden of membership. Continue reading “Bushwackers Drum Corps to offer four scholarships” »

Announcing the 2017 Bushwackers visual team

The Bushwackers Drum Corps from Princeton, New Jersey is pleased to announce the visual team for the 2017 edition of the corps! Continue reading “Announcing the 2017 Bushwackers visual team” »

How to succeed at your first drum corps camp


The Bushwackers will be hosting our highly anticipated Open House this weekend, November 19 to 20, at Montgomery Township Lower Middle School in Skillman (just outside of Princeton), New Jersey.  In light of the incredible amount of new interest in the Bushwackers,  we would like to share our positive message of how to succeed at your first drum corps camp.

This guide, created for our prospective members, can be used to help anyone attending a drum corps camp this fall set themselves up for success. Continue reading “How to succeed at your first drum corps camp” »