Announcing the 2017 Bushwackers caption heads and key staff

The Bushwackers are excited to welcome back several key staff members for the 2017 season! Continue reading “Announcing the 2017 Bushwackers caption heads and key staff” »

Register today for the 2017 Bushwackers Open House!

The Bushwackers Drum and Bugle Corps is pleased to announce that registration for the corps’ 2017 Open House and information session is now open!

2016 Open House

On November 19 and 20, 2016, the Bushwackers will host its first rehearsal and Open House for the 2017 season at Montgomery Lower Middle School in Skillman, New Jersey.

Just one month ago, the Bushwackers completed the 2016 season, reclaiming its spot as a DCA finalist. The 35th anniversary season was a success, and the 2017 edition of the corps will continue the path that began a year ago. Come to the Open House to learn more about plans for this coming season, meet (and welcome back) members of the staff and administration.

This year’s Open House will be a two-day event. For more information or to sign up, use the form below, or visit

Justin McAdams Joins the Bushwackers Design Team

The Bushwackers Drum Corps is excited to welcome Justin McAdams back to the corps in the role of drill designer for the 2017 season.

Justin McAdams

Justin is currently the band director of Phoenixville High School in Pennsylvania and lead clinician for the George N. Parks Drum Major Academy. He is also the visual designer for the University of Delaware Fightin’ Blue Hen Marching Band and Aftermath Percussion.

Additionally, Justin has served as visual designer and consultant for championship shows throughout New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware.

This is a return to the Bushwackers for Justin, who was formerly a drum major with the drum corps and served as a visual consultant in 2016.

The Bushwackers would like to graciously thank Vincent Monacelli for his tremendous work and dedication during the 2016 season. We wish him the best of luck in his endeavors.

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Bushwackers Announce 2017 Music Design Team

Plans are underway for the 2017 Bushwackers Drum Corps. The music design team is returning to the corps in full.

Introducing the 2017 Bushwackers Music Design Team

Jim Dugan is returning as program coordinator in 2017. Jim was part of the design team that brought the Bushwackers a large part of their six DCA world championships. His dedication and commitment to the corps during his tenure led directly to the success of the Bushwackers. From a percussion perspective and a show design perspective, he helped change drum corps in this competitive circuit.

Dennis Argul is returning as brass arranger. Dennis is the supervisor of music for Elizabeth Public Schools and a freelance brass musician in the metropolitan area. He has been a music educator for over 25 years. Dennis is very active as a composer, arranger, clinician, and adjudicator for drum and bugle corps and marching bands throughout the United States.

Travis Peterman will return to the corps in 2017 as battery percussion arranger. Travis is the percussion caption supervisor at Carolina Crown and program coordinator and battery arranger at George Mason Indoor Drumline. He was also the arranger and program coordinator for Cadets Winter Percussion.

Andrew Monteiro joins Travis as the front ensemble percussion arranger for the 2017 Bushwackers. Andrew has been the front ensemble caption supervisor for the Cadets2 in 2012, 2013, and 2014. He joined the front ensemble staff for the Cadets in 2015. Andrew has worked with Travis at Cadets Winter Percussion as the front ensemble caption head and arranger from 2014 through 2016.

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Finals Week is Here!

And you know what THAT means, it’s time to…

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Feed the Bushwackers! Donate today.

Feed the Corps

A well oiled machine needs fuel to operate at a high level, and so does a drum corps like the Bushwackers. For the past several years the corps has provided the members meal service as part of their tuition. This allows the corps to schedule proper rehearsal blocks and provide the members with well balanced and healthy meals without the usual trip to sandwich shops or fast-food restaurants.

We also prepare meals for members and staff with dietary needs, such as vegan, vegetarian, and protein-free diets. These meals are included in the tuition paid to be a member of the Bushwackers.

If you were to see how well the members eat each weekend, you would agree it’s a great deal!

Would you like a chance to help fuel this machine? Can you help us offset the food cost even if by a little? It would be a great way to let the current membership know they are appreciated for all their hard work this season so far.

While meals are included in our annual budget, your help could go a long way to ensuring we can provide a world-class experience for all members throughout the summer!

Help us by contributing what you can afford, so we can keep the Bushwackers fueled this summer. All the members and staff have to do is keep working hard as so many Bushwacker corps have done for 35 years. A donation of $100 would cover breakfast for the corps, $200 would cover lunch, and $300 would cover dinner and a snack.

Thank you all for your continued support of the Bushwackers! We will make sure your name is displayed for all to see how YOU helped fuel the Bushwackers!

Bushwackers Entertainment

copaBushwackers Entertainment was selected to entertain more than 81,000 soccer fans at the Copa America Centenario Final on June 26, 2016 at MetLife Stadium. With the stadium sold out for the championship match between Argentina and Chile, a drum line organized by Bushwackers Entertainment entertained the crowd as they entered the Fan Plaza heading into the stadium.

The drum line, composed mostly of alumni of the Bushwackers Drum and Bugle Corps, performed at the Coca Cola party tent outside the stadium alongside a live DJ, games, prizes, and free Coca Cola samples. The drum line’s fun beats and chants for fans of the national teams of Argentina and Chile kept the audience hyped throughout the day. Fans danced along to the music as they walked past waving flags, enjoying the beautiful day.

“The [Bushwackers drummers] were fantastic,” said Pat Pryor, Senior Account Manager for Ignition who managed the event on behalf of Coca Cola. “We will absolutely be reaching out for our future events.”

Thanks to Coca Cola and Ignition for selecting Bushwackers Entertainment to represent Coca Cola at the Copa America Centenario Final. Thanks also to our performers, Anthony Graves, Eric Carr, Kevin Edwards, Ashley Hearing, Tristen Jenkins, and Paulino Jimenez.

Bush’s 2016 Home Show


Sunday July 24, 2016.
Woodbridge High School, 1 Samuel Lupo Pl. Woodbridge, NJ

Featuring 4 of the area’s top DCA corps in competition and our special guest The Raiders!

Join us at noon before the show for Lunch & our Hall of Fame induction ceremony, then stick around for Dinner, a Free Flat Screen TV Raffle, and the Bushwackers 35th Anniversary Celebration!

Corps in Competition:
The Caballeros
Fusion Core
and your hosts,
the Bushwackers!

Select Tickets:

Limited Seating, Buy your tickets now! VIP Tickets get VIP Parking & Entrance, plus a Food Voucher and Gift Bag. Students get $5 off at the gate with a current Student ID.

Band directors, for info on discounted group tickets, contact

Summer Send-Off 2016

Alumni, Friends, & Family are invited to come get a sneak preview
of our 2016 Production “Piano Forte.” Continue reading “Summer Send-Off 2016” »

Help us Expand our Fleet!

“You can never have enough horns” is an old saying with the Bushwackers through the years, and now it’s become “You can never have enough storage.” With the addition of electronics in the pit and the corps full service food operation, coupled with the scaffolding, keyboards, bass drums, tubas, timpani, props, and so on, Space has become a premium commodity. These past few years the corps has been renting a box truck to supplement our trailer in transporting all the necessary equipment to and from rehearsals and shows.

With the cost of rentals climbing yearly, it has come time to purchase a second trailer to accommodate the growing operations. This one time purchase will SAVE THE CORPS MONEY in the future. We are tired of spending funds on a truck we ultimately DON’T own, and the cost of purchasing a trailer vs. renting a truck is roughly the same for the 2016 season.

The catch is, we need to do this SOONER then later, and though the rental funds have been budgeted throughout the summer, we have a chance at a perfect trailer NOW, we can’t wait too long!

We are asking for your help! It’s not a huge undertaking but as we outfit the 30+ guard with uniforms and equipment and the usual stocking up for the summer that happens, drum heads, props, etc., we could use some extra help to reach our goal of $5000.

If you can, please click on the donate button below and make your donation today, no amount is too small or too large and any help will be appreciated for years to come in the form of a new trailer. The corps is poised to make a big impact this season, please help us make it easier for everyone as we expand the Bushwacker fleet this spring and for the future!

GO Bush! And thank you to the best supporters a corps can have!