Bushwackers Design Team Returns for the 2018 Season

The Bushwackers Drum Corps is pleased to announce the return of the design team that led the corps to success this past season.

The continuity in staff will allow the Bushwackers to progress on its path of growth in Drum Corps Associates, and this winning combination will be key to our success throughout the upcoming season.

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Meet our design team.

Jim Dugan is returning as program coordinator. Jim was part of the design team that brought the Bushwackers a large part of their six DCA world championships. His dedication and commitment to the corps during his tenure led directly to the success of the Bushwackers. From a percussion perspective and a show design perspective, he helped move drum corps forward within DCA.

Dennis Argul is returning as brass arranger. Dennis is the supervisor of music for Elizabeth Public Schools and a freelance brass musician in the metropolitan area. He has been a music educator for over 25 years. Dennis is very active as a composer, arranger, clinician, and adjudicator for drum and bugle corps and marching bands throughout the United States.

Travis Peterman will return to the corps in 2018 as battery percussion arranger. Travis is the percussion caption supervisor at Carolina Crown and director and program coordinator for George Mason Indoor Drumline. He was also the arranger and program coordinator for Cadets Winter Percussion.

Andrew Monteiro joins Travis as the front ensemble percussion arranger for the 2018 Bushwackers. Andrew has been the front ensemble caption supervisor for the Cadets2 in 2012, 2013, and 2014. He joined the front ensemble staff for the Cadets in 2015. Andrew has worked with Travis at Cadets Winter Percussion as the front ensemble caption head and arranger from 2014 through 2016.

Justin McAdams returns to the Bushwackers in his role as drill designer. He is currently the band director of Phoenixville High School in Pennsylvania and lead clinician for the George N. Parks Drum Major Academy. He is also the drill designer for the University of Delaware Fightin’ Blue Hen Marching Band and Aftermath Percussion.

Lauryn Heller returns as color guard designer in addition to her role as color guard caption supervisor. Lauryn is a staff member with The Black Watch indoor color guard as well as Surge Independent indoor color guard. She is also a color guard technician with the Blue Knights drum corps.

We’re thrilled to share this news about the continuity of the Bushwackers Drum Corps program and success. The administration and design teams are in the process of making exciting plans for 2018 and the future of the corps. Stay tuned for more details! If you would like to be the first to hear Bushwackers news, sign up today!

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The Bush Push!

FINALS WEEK IS HERE! And you know what THAT means, it’s time to…

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Help the Bushwackers Upgrade Their Equipment!

The Bushwackers Drum Corps is in the middle of a very exciting a successful season. With the strongest corps in years and a program that’s entertaining the fans, we are looking to build for the near future.

We give our members a world-class experience, and we have the opportunity to replace our instruments and equipment with newer and better equipment!

Just days ago, we silently launched a major capital fundraising campaign, and now we’re asking for your support.

When you support this campaign, you are helping us to provide an all-new full section of brass instruments, battery percussion, front ensemble percussion, electronics, and color guard equipment!

For the brass and battery, a unique opportunity has been presented to us, and we’ve made it a priority to replace this equipment as soon as you can help us! Many of our current brass instruments are almost a decade old, and our battery percussion is a couple of years beyond its best use. Many of our front ensemble keyboard instruments and electronics are rented, and that puts a strain on our finances.

Help us make this dream a reality, and help us provide our dedicated performers with the best experience and the most opportunities for success. New equipment is a great morale boost, and if we act fast, we can meet our goal of replacing the brass and battery within months!

We would love to meet or even surpass our goal before DCA Championships and the end of the season on Labor Day!

Help us today by contributing to our fundraising campaign on FansRaise!

Trenton Thunder with the Bushwackers!

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The Bushwackers Invitational Presents…

THE 2017


Saturday August 19th, 6:30 PM
Woodbridge High School, 1 Samuel Lupo Pl. Woodbridge, NJ

Featuring 5 of the area’s DCA Champion Corps and a performance by

Corps in Competition:
Defending DCA Champion Cadets2
14x DCA Champion Reading Buccaneers
  9x DCA Champion Hawthorne Caballeros
  6x DCA Champion The Bushwackers
  3x DCA Champion Connecticut Hurricanes
  2x DCA Class A Champion White Sabers

Select Tickets:

Limited Seating, Buy your tickets now!

VIP Tickets get VIP Parking & Entrance, plus a Food Voucher and Gift Bag.

Band directors, for info on discounted group tickets, contact Tickets@bushwackers.org

Announcing the recipients of the James and Amy Borowicz Scholarship!

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Summer Send Off 2017

Alumni, Friends, & Family are invited to come get a sneak preview
of our 2017 Production “Where We Belong…Continue reading “Summer Send Off 2017” »

It’s Time to…

Stock Up For Summer


The corps just finished a busy and rewarding Memorial Day weekend and we are in the home stretch to finally getting this “show on the road” for the 2017 season. We just have a few minutes left of drill to learn and in a few weeks the corps travels to the evaluation show in Wildwood, NJ to start the season.

It goes without saying it takes a lot to get all the pieces together and in the right places; The corps is larger this season and the staff & admin are running around in circles trying to dot the i’s and cross the t’s for our 2017 production “Where We Belong.”

You can help us make sure we are ready for the season ahead, we have guard uniforms, flags, drum heads & sticks to purchase in the coming weeks, not to mention feeding 3 square meals for the members everyday they are with the corps. This takes funding, lots of funding. Though everything has been budgeted for the 2017 season, it goes without saying any help you can give towards these purchases will go a long way.

Through your generous help last Spring the corps was able to purchase a second equipment trailer that saves us from renting a box truck all summer, a HUGE savings from our bottom line. We do not have a large purchase like the trailer this Spring, thankfully, but the incidental purchases like sticks, flags, etc quickly add up.

If you can help us help the members this Spring please take a moment and click on the donation link below and help us provide the tools needed for another fantastic experience for the new edition of our beloved corps, The Bushwackers!

If you’d rather not use a Credit Card, you can make your donation by sending a check to:

Bushwackers Drum & Bugle Corps
301 N. Harrison St. Suite 9F #388
Princeton, NJ 08540

We will make sure to thank you personally for all to see, and as always, your donation no matter how big or small is tax deductible.

Thank you for your continued support of the corps, we have some of the best and generous alumni and supporters in the activity!



In the heart of Rochester, the Radisson Riverside is just a few minutes stroll to the DCA headquarters and Friday night’s I&E / mini corps extravaganza. The Radisson is a great destination while taking in all the DCA events over Championship Weekend (September 1-4), close to the city’s fine restaurants and attractions, and only a few minutes’ drive from the stadium.

Sit back and let the Bushwackers take care of your reservation – no hassles, no worries, and we do all the work. Just show up and give them your name and you’re settled in for a fun filled weekend of drum corps, BUSHWACKER style.

The Bushwackers are offering this DCA Championship Weekend special to our alumni, family & friends. Book Friday-Sunday through the corps for only $139 per night, a 40% discount off the direct rate from the hotel! (Must book all 3 nights.)

To reserve your room at these special rates, a non-refundable deposit of $139 for the first night is required and the balance due by July 15, 2017. You can submit your deposit below:


Don’t be left trying to find a room at the last minute, book NOW and sit back and relax knowing we have taken care of everything.

*This weekend special Rate is ONLY being offered by the Bushwackers drum & bugle corps and is not in conjunction with the Radisson Rochester Riverside. You must book through the corps to get these low rates.

Introducing the BWCG17 Leadership

Lauryn Heller and the color guard instructional staff for the 2017 Bushwackers are excited to announce this year’s color guard captains! Each of these corps members goes above and beyond for the corps all throughout the year.

We’re pleased to introduce Jackie Swilley, Amber Lyn Rose, Lexi Mullen, and Rebecca Stollberger!

Be a part of this season’s exciting production and attend the next free spin clinic on Sunday, April 23! Info: http://bushwackers.org/guard/