2014 Program: The Resistants

The Bushwackers Drum & Bugle Corps is proud to introduce their 2014 production:

The Resistants

Resistants [re-zis-tuh nts] – noun (plural).

The human race resists the acceptance of a mediocre existence. Dictated to. Spoken At. Defined by others’ notions of what we are supposed to be.

Humans have too long settled for less than what makes us happy, never reaching our potential . We will create our own destinies, our own future and our own perceptions.

The Resistants – A group of people who are dedicated to changing what is considered the norm and making it better for all. Taking the universe we live in and altering it it. Instead of us living in your world, you live in ours.

The Bushwackers are proud to present our 2014 production “The Resistants”

1. Oppression
2. Protest
3. Conflict: Training & Ambush
4. Triumph

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